Established in 2017, Transatlantic Crochet originally served as a platform for Jess and MJ to share their captivating crochet projects and patterns. 

Over time, circumstances led MJ to return to the US, leaving Jess and her boyfriend Maxime to carry on their remarkable work. In 2019, Jess delved into the world of crochet cosplay, starting with her enchanting ‘Little Mermaid’ cosplay, which marked a turning point in her creative journey. Since then, she has been unstoppable, showcasing her immense talent by completing her most intricate cosplay to date: Anna’s ballgown from ‘Frozen’ in 2020. Jess’s passion for pushing her boundaries and embracing new challenges is ever-present, making Transatlantic Crochet an exciting hub for crochet enthusiasts seeking inspiration and innovation.

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